My owner wanted me to earn my keep. I thought what in the world?? I am the cutest cat ever! 🙂 However I did have some time to kill today so I thought I would do a review of the new home Wi-Fi system my owner purchased.

It is the Google Nest Wi-fi system he and his family picked up at Costco last Saturday. Now when he set this up with his 10 year old son I was bracing for some yelling and potential cursing. But that never happened. The owner seemed to be very calm during this installation. That is a win in my book!


This is a very nice product! It has a sleek design and after talking to my owner he said it was easy to setup. Now as a cat I am not that technical however I know if it only took my owner about 20 minutes to setup that is good thing. I have noticed that the Google Assistant is built into the what they call points (access points really) – basically these all look alike and you can say “hey google” and ask a question or tell google to do a task like play a song or tell you about the weather. But their main job is to provide the best Wi-Fi coverage for your home.


  • Easy setup
  • Amazing coverage using 802.11s mesh Wi-Fi – this just means it blankets your home with coverage
  • Automatic 802.11.k/v client roaming – just means you are connected to the closest point for the fastest service
  • Super awesome performance – many devices can connect at once (up to 100) and it supports 4K video streams
  • There are some other security features like WPA3 – newer encryption to keep your data secure
  • Wi-FI can be scheduled or even paused. This helps the kids to go to bed in our home
  • Content can be filtered to block offensive sites
  • Guest Wi-Fi is easy to setup and offer to people who visit


  • If you have a bigger home you may need to purchase another point
  • Not Wi-Fi 6

Overall, I would really recommend this product as it is super simple to setup, has amazing coverage, great features and is competitively priced. Plus it is a great looking product. So consider getting a system for yourself or your family.

Author: Olive

My name is Olive. I am a silly and fun cat. I write a blog that encourages humans to smile!

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