This week we celebrate Thanksgiving. Have you stopped and considered what you are thankful for today?

  • family
  • friends
  • a place to live
  • a job
  • or how about your health?
  • cats!

I am thankful to have humans that have feed me, give me shelter, and love me. They play with me and do silly things like pick me up and move me around the house. They make me happy. I know life can be hard for humans. Sometimes life seems so difficult that you may be tempted to lose hope. When you are tempted to give up think of things that make you happy. Think of ways to help other people. It can be as simple as a smile or taking time to listen to another person. Gratitude is an attitude. So make that choice to be thankful!


So today, tell people in your life why and how much you are thankful for them. Do not assume they know. & humans, tell your pets thru word and action how much you love them 🙂

You see this world can be dark and lonely. We all need each other! Can we begin a habit of lifting others up and spreading joy as much as possible?

I hope this video of me makes you smile!

Have a super day!



Author: Olive

My name is Olive. I am a silly and fun cat. I write a blog that encourages humans to smile!

2 thoughts on “Thankful!”

  1. Hi Olive, it is nice to meet you. I couldn’t find how to leave a comment in your Happy Tuesday post. We’d love to have you join in some hops, I go to The Cat Blogosphere and enter hops three days a week, it helps with traffic on my site and I’ve made some good cat loving friends there too. I look forward to seeing more of your posts, this is a lovely site and you are a beautiful girl. Have a wonderful holiday – Catscue Catmom

    1. Hi Catcue! Thanks for the note. I am not exactly sure what this is – I will google it to find out and get back with u!

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