Maybe I am a Russian Blue. I am told that is a type of cat breed. I really don’t understand what that means and it does not matter because I am a loving cat! I have a great personality and don’t need constant attention. I do love being pet and to be near my humans. I don’t necessarily like to be held but I really like it when my humans talk to me. Sometimes I meow to communicate what I need. For example if I want the basement door open I will meow about it. Also… like many cats I sometimes run very quickly into another room for no apparent reason. If you know why cats do this please let me know because it has always puzzled me!

Structure in my routine is important to me. I like to have my feeding times to be consistent. I like a lot of cat love to jump up or down from things. My owners have given me a few things I like – I like to scratch my scratching post. I do it a few times a day. I like to play with bugs or a cat toy – but really bugs interest me the most.

My humans tell me they like that I don’t shed that much. I guess that means my hair falls out! I am glad I don’t lose much of fur because I like to be warm 🙂

Hi. Have a great day!!

Now since I grew up with the little humans in the home I am used to them. They often will pick me up and move me. Usually, when I am in the middle of a nap I tend to get moved. I guess that is part of being a pet. I love them and I go upstairs in the middle of the night to check on them when they are sleeping. I kind of like to go around to all the humans in the house at night to check on them while they are sleeping.

I guess it is up to you to determine if I am a Russian Blue cat. I know it does not matter. Here is what matters: humans and cats are a great pair! If you don’t have a cat or maybe are considering one, find a local shelter or do an online search for a pet.


Olive the cat

Author: Olive

My name is Olive. I am a silly and fun cat. I write a blog that encourages humans to smile!

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  1. Hi, this is FB friend Gail Michelle,hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! My cat Ruger Magillicutty passed away in 2015, but his FB page is still up!

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