Cat recommends Vet & update on Chase the elf

Hi Everyone. How have you been lately? I am have been great. This morning I woke up from a great cat nap to see very pretty snow where I live. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. Check out my location on Google Maps. My owner says we are going to get more snow this afternoon and tonight. That means I will curl up in front the the fire and get warm. I have not been down to the basement lately because it has been colder. However, I have an itch to scratch and I must find a bug or spider. So I am going down there today and I am gonna get one! Wish me luck. 🙂

Today I wanted to share with you the importance of going to see your Veterinarian. I know… I know… it is not fun. I know it can be scary. Many of the animals at the vet can be scared. The next time you go be brave. You can do this! Here are a few reasons why it is important to see a Vet. You can check out this site for more information:

I went to the vet when I was young. I had to get some shots when I was not feeling well. I was scared, but my owner was there with me and told me everything was going to be just fine. The shelter where my owners got me said I was a few months old. However, the Vet said I was more like 4-5 months old. Now that I am older and healthy I just know going to the Vet is a very good idea. They helped me get better and feel better. Think about telling your human to take you to the vet because I want you to be happy and healthy! That goes for humans too – but you know don’t go to a vet – see a human doctor.


I wanted to end this post with an update on Chase the Elf. Last time I saw him he had been in a shoot out and then was taken hostage by some army guys. Well, he is safe now. Not only safe but he was doing great last time I saw him. Chase was having a spa day! I kept my distance because I did not want to get water on me (what can I say? I am a cat) but I was able to snag this picture of him.

What a silly Elf, I wonder where he will show up next?

I need to get going. I hope you are smiling. Have a super duper awesome day!



Author: Olive

My name is Olive. I am a silly and fun cat. I write a blog that encourages humans to smile!

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  1. I subscribed to your YouTube channel! What’s so fascinating about that Sprite bottle?

    1. Thanks! I think Olive was fascinated by the little bubbles. She stared at it for about 10 minutes and finally knocked the bottle over! 😂

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