Cat urges humans to slow down!

Today I wanted to post a few funny pictures I found on the Internet. The pictures are not mine but have a watermark pointing to the owner. I thought they would make you smile.

so true!
I would never do this! 🙂

How have you been lately? I have been busy. Between my various cat naps and night patrols, I have a lot going on. Sometimes it can be tough being a cat.

Some of my other responsibilities include:

  • Wake up humans in the morning to make sure they get to school or work
  • Insure my humans know I am feed by lingering around them at feeding times
  • Obviously, I have to be cute and ready for pets and cuddles at a moments notice
  • I have to catch bugs, it is slow this time of year though…
  • Sometimes I have to poof my tail and do archy back
  • At least once a day I have to be completely still then bam! – run super fast into another part of the house

You can see I have a lot going on. How about you? Do you have a busy life? I imagine most humans are really busy. They go to school/work. When not doing those things they are likely cooking, cleaning, doing laundry or taking out the trash. When chores are done maybe they go outside and shovel snow or clean the car. The bigger humans seem to take the smaller humans to places like ninja or soccer. Sometimes they take them to a park or to a friends house for a play date. It is no wonder why so many humans are tired. They are super busy!

We are less than a week away from Christmas and humans are busy going to stores and purchasing gifts for family and friends. Some humans don’t like these busy stores so they purchase gifts from Amazon. I think Amazon is awesome because they bring lots of boxes. Boxes are cool because I get to sit in them.

So here is some unsolicited advice from me! Take time to slow down. Slowing down can mean anything from sitting and thinking about all the things you have been given. It could mean saying no to someone who is asking for more of your time. Or maybe consider praying and mediating with God. Trust me this slowing down will help you! It may be hard to do, but try for 5 minutes and see how it goes!

Remember you are loved, have a great day!


Author: Olive

My name is Olive. I am a silly and fun cat. I write a blog that encourages humans to smile!

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  1. Olive, you are a cutie. You do have a lot going on Prancie is our gravity tester and Sammy sleeps on my head 🙂

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