Cat recognizes importance of being thankful.

Hi everyone. I hope you are doing great today. Now that Christmas season is officially over my owner put away the decorations this weekend including the Christmas tree. I was kind of sad to see the decorations go.

I was very comfortable under the tree this year. It was a nice place to check out the action and also have some cover from the kids when necessary. It was fun when reached up to play with varoius ornaments. It was a nice place to sleep. Now the tree has been put away.

So my last month routine and comfort with the Christmas tree is gone. Honestly, I don’t like changing my routine or change in general. How about you? However… I am realizing just as the weather has seasons so does life. These seasons of life have various ebbs and flows.

Now that the tree is put away, I have to change my routine. I will have to work to find another place to hide and rest. I could choose to be mad or even allow sadness to control me. I really liked that Christmas tree! But as I mentioned earlier there are seasons in life. I am making a choice to accept this change.

I am choosing what I can control (like my attitude) and trusting God to provide for me. I have thought about this and have a few plans. I have one plan I like the most! I have been thinking about going back upstairs to hang out a lot lately. I know the area. I have experience there. Upstairs is a giant panda about 6 feet tall. It is a stuffed animal. One of the little humans got this panda for her birthday last fall. I will check that out as a resting place. This is much different from the cover of the Christmas tree but it will be a cool adventure to see what this will be like. So wish me luck!

This year I want to encourage you to choose to have an good attitude as you face challenges and changes. I realize you may have many struggles but also remember there is always hope. As long as you are alive you can choose to have an attitude of thankfulness. Now this is not easy, but life is not easy. Try making a choice to live life with gratitude and thankfulness for 1 week. See what happens!

To get started mediate on things such as love, joy, peace, gentleness, patience, kindness, and faithfulness. Then as you go about your week, recognize when one of these blessings happen. I think you will see a pattern of blessings in your life. As you recognize the blessings just tell God thanks! He loves to hear from you! This will develop a habit of thankfulness and I promise you will have more peace.

I will finish up today with a video. Something as simple as receiving some pets from my owner makes my happy. I love my humans and I know they love me.

I hope that brings you a smile and confidence that no matter what changes in your life you can be sure you are loved and you have an important purpose.


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