Cat recommends Amazon products (to keep blog going) :-(

Hi Everyone. How have you been? I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I had a great Christmas. I got to play in some of the wrapping paper and some of the trash. Here I am playing with a box and wrapping paper. I was happy to be around my humans also. 🙂 Oh I almost forgot, I have a new cat friend. His name is Moses. If you are on a computer you can see him just to the right of the screen. If you are on a mobile device like a phone he may appear wayyyyyyy at the bottom under the heading “OLIVE’S FRIENDS!” I have a few friends who have passed along pictures of their cats so please send them to me!

This was awesome!

Gang… Can I be real for a minute? I am struggling right now to keep the blog going. I don’t know how long I can keep going if I can’t pay the bills. If I don’t get support from readers, I will be able to continue my blog.

It takes some money to get the blog up and running and to get the word out. I have tried to reach people via Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter, Facebook pages and a Facebook group. Unfortunately, I seem to only get around 20 views per post. I am very encouraged that I have have readers from over 25 countries in the world. I think that is amazing.

So I am a bit discouraged. I am not sure if I don’t appeal to people or if my message just does not resonate. Whatever the case, I am my costs are mounting and soon I may have to stop. Right now I am appealing to you!

Would you be willing to do the following?

I know a lot of you shop online. I am not asking you to click on the Amazon links but if you are curious take a peak! To support my page I have chosen to promote Amazon products. When a reader clicks on the Amazon link and purchases something I get a small commission.

To be clear – you do not have to purchase what is on the link, however if you choose to click on the Amazon ad and then decide to purchase any random thing I would get a small commission. This works out to pennies on the dollar and keeps the blog going. So I really need your help! If you are going to shop on Amazon anyway and you like the blog, consider my Amazon ads, then do your purchases. This will keep the blog alive!

My mission with this blog is to make humans smile. I want to share joy with people around the world. I don’t know about you, but I think the world can be very negative. I want people to see something positive even if it is just for a few minutes while you read a post. I want people to realize they are loved and appreciated. I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for considering supporting me!

Love Olive

Cat gives Christmas advice

Hi Gang! Today I wanted cover two topics.  First, I wanted to start with a video I found on the Internet.  Second, I want to cover something that is hard for many people this time of year. With that said, check out this cool video and then come back to read the rest of this post.

What did you think of the video? I love how there are so many creative ideas for problems. Speaking of problems did you know that many people struggle this time of year? It is sad because most people wonderful memories of a Christmas that was wonderful or even magical at some point in their lives. However, people can struggle with Christmas or the holidays for a number of reasons. Here are just a few examples:

  • Loss – perhaps the loss of a loved one, dear friend, or even a job
  • Being lonely or just sad
  • Sickness
  • Some type of financial difficulty
  • Stress, Anxiety, Worry, Anger
  • The list goes on and on

All humans struggle on some level. Holidays can trigger discouragement for many people. I have a challenge for you. Would you consider encouraging another person? When you go about your normal day, think about one person in your life who you think could be struggling. Take action by demonstrating genuine interest in that person. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Start a conversation with someone asking a few questions and listen intently
  • Let this person know you care them
  • Ask this person how you can help
  • Tell this person something that makes you admire them. Be specific
  • Give encouraging words verbally and on paper – a card is nice 🙂
  • Spend time with this person. Spending time with someone can really help someone

If you are struggling this holiday season know that you are loved. You have a purpose. Despite painful circumstances… you are alive and you do have hope. Feelings are just feelings, but here is an unchanging truth. God loves you more than you can fathom. He created you for a purpose and you can talk to Him anytime you want. You see Christmas is about God loving you the greatest gift in human history: Himself. He made a path to for us to be with Him thru his Son Jesus if we just believe. Consider the following.

If you have any questions or concerns sent me a comment!

So if you know of someone who is struggling this holiday season or if you are hurting know many people want to help you. God loves you and so do I.


Cat urges humans to slow down!

Today I wanted to post a few funny pictures I found on the Internet. The pictures are not mine but have a watermark pointing to the owner. I thought they would make you smile.

so true!
I would never do this! 🙂

How have you been lately? I have been busy. Between my various cat naps and night patrols, I have a lot going on. Sometimes it can be tough being a cat.

Some of my other responsibilities include:

  • Wake up humans in the morning to make sure they get to school or work
  • Insure my humans know I am feed by lingering around them at feeding times
  • Obviously, I have to be cute and ready for pets and cuddles at a moments notice
  • I have to catch bugs, it is slow this time of year though…
  • Sometimes I have to poof my tail and do archy back
  • At least once a day I have to be completely still then bam! – run super fast into another part of the house

You can see I have a lot going on. How about you? Do you have a busy life? I imagine most humans are really busy. They go to school/work. When not doing those things they are likely cooking, cleaning, doing laundry or taking out the trash. When chores are done maybe they go outside and shovel snow or clean the car. The bigger humans seem to take the smaller humans to places like ninja or soccer. Sometimes they take them to a park or to a friends house for a play date. It is no wonder why so many humans are tired. They are super busy!

We are less than a week away from Christmas and humans are busy going to stores and purchasing gifts for family and friends. Some humans don’t like these busy stores so they purchase gifts from Amazon. I think Amazon is awesome because they bring lots of boxes. Boxes are cool because I get to sit in them.

So here is some unsolicited advice from me! Take time to slow down. Slowing down can mean anything from sitting and thinking about all the things you have been given. It could mean saying no to someone who is asking for more of your time. Or maybe consider praying and mediating with God. Trust me this slowing down will help you! It may be hard to do, but try for 5 minutes and see how it goes!

Remember you are loved, have a great day!


Cat recommends Vet & update on Chase the elf

Hi Everyone. How have you been lately? I am have been great. This morning I woke up from a great cat nap to see very pretty snow where I live. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. Check out my location on Google Maps. My owner says we are going to get more snow this afternoon and tonight. That means I will curl up in front the the fire and get warm. I have not been down to the basement lately because it has been colder. However, I have an itch to scratch and I must find a bug or spider. So I am going down there today and I am gonna get one! Wish me luck. 🙂

Today I wanted to share with you the importance of going to see your Veterinarian. I know… I know… it is not fun. I know it can be scary. Many of the animals at the vet can be scared. The next time you go be brave. You can do this! Here are a few reasons why it is important to see a Vet. You can check out this site for more information:

I went to the vet when I was young. I had to get some shots when I was not feeling well. I was scared, but my owner was there with me and told me everything was going to be just fine. The shelter where my owners got me said I was a few months old. However, the Vet said I was more like 4-5 months old. Now that I am older and healthy I just know going to the Vet is a very good idea. They helped me get better and feel better. Think about telling your human to take you to the vet because I want you to be happy and healthy! That goes for humans too – but you know don’t go to a vet – see a human doctor.


I wanted to end this post with an update on Chase the Elf. Last time I saw him he had been in a shoot out and then was taken hostage by some army guys. Well, he is safe now. Not only safe but he was doing great last time I saw him. Chase was having a spa day! I kept my distance because I did not want to get water on me (what can I say? I am a cat) but I was able to snag this picture of him.

What a silly Elf, I wonder where he will show up next?

I need to get going. I hope you are smiling. Have a super duper awesome day!



Cat makes friends from all over the world

Hi!  I have been blogging for close to a month so this is very new to me.  I am learning how to blog.  I started with an idea that I was just a simple cat in Indiana but I thought many humans loved cats.  I thought about this and consulted with my owner and we talked about how I could make people laugh or smile around the world.  We settled on a blog. 

Neither of us had any idea how to create a blog.  My owner researched and researched.  After weeks of researching he proposed to me  a site called  Guys…  lets face it.  I am cat.  I am not a professional blogger so I told my human – sure that sounds great.  What took you so long to get this figured out? JK.  

Anyway allows me to host my webpage and domain name.  That is just a fancy way humans can get to the blog.  Additionally, is how I create my posts.  Now as you can imagine it is hard to type on a keyboard with my paws.  However, I have learned how to type.  Actually, I can’t type silly.  I am a cat – however I have my owner type for me!  So if you are thinking about how writing your own blog I would highly recommend 

Now I wanted to take some time today to let you know I am making new friends.  This is so exciting.  It is really neat to see humans come together when they have something in common.  In this case we like pets.  I wanted to share a few things with you that make me super happy. 

I have a FACEBOOK PAGE personal page.  I reached the maximum of 5,000 friends but you can still follow/like my page.

I also have a FACEBOOK fan page.  I would love it if you could like/follow this page!

My site allows me to see where visitors are located in the world.  I can not see who the identity of visitors are unless they tell me in a comment.  As an example if you wrote a comment on a blog page and said you were “Bobby in the paint-shop from Indiana”  I would literally know you are “Bobby in the paint-shop from Indiana”.  lol

Now I don’t have very many visitors so far but it has only been a month.  So far I have had 233 unique visitors from 19 countries around the world!  I thought I would list the countries where people have seen this blog to date:

  1. USA
  2. Peru
  3. Turkey
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Serbia
  6. Iraq
  7. India
  8. Philippines
  9. Uganda
  10. France
  11. Germany
  12. Spain
  13. Ireland
  14. Italy
  15. Canada
  16. Poland
  17. Argentina
  18. Namibia
  19. United Kingdom

How cool is that!!!!  I think it is amazing to see people from all over the world can see my message.  I am excited to see how much we can grow.  I would love to reach millions of people all over the world.  

My mission is to make people happy and smile.  Maybe I am just a silly cat, but I think I can do it.  There are many people in the world that love cats and animals in general.  We all know this world can be very tough and discouraging.  We also know that our world needs more positivity.  The news (at least in the USA) and I suspect in many nations would have us believe people don’t like each other.  To me that is such a shame.  I think most humans in the world have similar values and love for each other.  Of course humans have many different cultures however I think most people have more things in common than they think.  A few examples come to mind.  

  • Love for family and friends
  • Wanting was is best for their children
  • Making a difference or a sense of purpose
  • Belonging 
  • on and on it goes

For me to fulfill my mission of making people happy and smile I need your help.

  • Would you tell others about my blog? 
  • Would you subscribe so each new blog post shows up in your email? 
  • Would you be willing to comment on my blog from time to time? 

Comments are awesome because we can interact.  But, others can read these comments and find things that bring us together.  So yes I am just a cat but together I think we can make this world a better place.  What do you think?

Finally, to keep this blog going I really need support.  The main way to support me is by reading and sharing.  Another way to support this blog is to check out the ads.  You may say well I don’t like that ad or need that item being advertised.  That is OK!  I know many of you shop Amazon.

Clicking on those Amazon links still helps out.  I am so thankful for those of you that have done this.  I also have  merchandise store.    Consider shopping for gifts for others or yourself.  If you like you can send me a message and I can personalize a T-shirt, mug, or many other items for you.  Thank you so much for your help.  Have a wonderful day!



Caturday Saturday — My friends blog! Enjoy!

We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and The Pet Parade My art today is a canvas The Great One painted for Millie to make him feel better. She is so sweet and gentle with him. See you tomorrow with more kitty letters to Santa. Tags: Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop, Millie, Pet…

via Caturday Saturday —

Cat talks with Chase the Elf

Hi Everyone, how the heck have you been? Today I wanted to talk to you about Chase the Elf. He is our elf on the shelf. Each year he appears at our home during the month of December. I think he somehow magically arrives the middle of the nite. I usually see him hanging out by the Christmas tree when I do my nightly patrols. He is a nice fellow but I don’t like that he he smokes. He told me he is from the North Pole and he works with Santa. We got to chatting and I told him to put in a good word for me to Santa. I think I have been a good cat this year. I told Chase to hook me up with some good catnip and maybe a play mouse. Chase said he would do what he could. 🙂

Each morning the kids in the home find Chase somewhere in the house – usually doing something silly. Lately, Chase has run into some problems. A few days ago he was involved in a massive Nerf gun shoot out with various stuff animals, a few dolls,  and the scary “Giant Panda”.

Rough night for Chase!

He was certainly outgunned and tried to hold off the enemy. From the video you can tell it was a massive battle. Chase did his best but was captured that night. The next night he ended up being taken prisoner by the army guys and moved to the kitchen!

oh no!

I wonder what will happen next! Chase does have magical powers so I am sure he will get out of this situation. What do you think? Leave a comment! Let me know if you want to see more Chase the Elf updates!!

Well gang…. I am late for my scheduled cap nap. I hope you are smiling and have a wonderful day! I love all of you!


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Cats in Sinks!

I am not one to sit in a sink. However, I know some of my cat friends out there love to sit in sinks. Maybe it is a comfy place to rest. Perhaps it is close to a faucet to get a quick drink. It could be good place to check out things from a higher place. Whatever the reasons I found the following website where you can see lots of cats in sinks! It is called Check out these silly cats and let me know what you think.

Here are some silly cat videos 🙂

That is all for now! Have a great day!!!



Interview by a Cat

I love being a cat. My owner tells me I am lucky to be a cat because I don’t have to go to his job and sit in a cube over 40 hours a week to do what seems to be very meaningless work. My owner also tells me he is very thankful and lucky to have his job. So what gives? Do any humans truly love their jobs? I sat down with my owner for an exclusive interview to get some insight. I am calling this interview “Cube life”. Check out my interview with one of my owners below. I think you may be able to identify.

INTERVIEW with my Owner

Olive: Do you love your job?
Human: I don’t… however I know I am very lucky to have this job.

Olive: Would you say you hate your job? We all know people that really don’t like their job and many that hate their jobs.
Human: It is not that I hate my job. I guess it is more that I spend so much time doing a certain kind of work and well it is not fulfilling.

Olive: Why do you not consider your job fulfilling?
Human: For me I work as a Network Engineer. Not many people know what that means (even people within Information Technology). When something IT related is not working properly at my place of work, people generally complain and say the network is down or slow. Basically, it is a good day if I do not hear anyone. However, most days someone is complaining. To me that is not very fun.

Olive: Tell me more.
Human: Networking is similar to our road system or any form of transportation. In our case we move data between computing devices (wired or wireless). The network could be considered the road system. The data would be considered the vehicles on the road (applications). There are various factors that contribute to the strengths and weaknesses of a network just like our roads including the applications using the network. However… most people do not understand this concept. They just want things to work. That is reasonable when there is proper architecture, planning, maintenance, and people to oversee the network. Also that is reasonable when applications meet the same criteria. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case and issues arise.

About 1/2 of my conference calls are like this in some way! 🙂

Olive: As a cat I am bored now. Just keeping it real. 🙂 However maybe some of my readers are still interested. So what would make your job better?
Human: I small win can happen when the team is recognized for complex engineering that is accomplished daily and people express some gratitude. It would be awesome if I did not have to attend boring meetings where people talk about themselves or listen to people around me talk about politics too!

Olive: Any other things you want to mention?
Human: If an email comes in, a phone call, or someone walks up – 99% of the time it is to solve a problem. I have worked at places where the network was so bad it was nearly impossible to support. Upper management would not fund projects or even basic maintenance. Then there is the fact of constant change or the reality that your job could be outsourced at any time. So it can be discouraging and get me down. I do my best to do my job despite these realities.

Olive: Wow I had no idea. I am sorry!
Human: That is OK. Millions and Millions of people would love to have my “problem”. I am thankful to have a job. I really am thankful. Ideally, I would love to do something else after being in this industry for nearly 25 years. The reality is my job pays me just enough to keep me here. However, if I were financially set I would move on.

Every Single Work Day! Can you identify?

Olive: What would you do if you did not have this job or did not need this job?
Human: I think I would try doing various jobs to gain more skills. I might try some construction jobs. I might work at a movie theater. I would volunteer to help with my church or other organizations. & I would definitely travel to warmer areas of the country in the winter.

Olive: Well it is time for my cat nap. Thank you so much for doing this interview and for doing your job. I am happy I don’t have to work in a cube like you.
Human: Laughs… Olive.. thanks for talking to me today! Have a great nap! Also catch few bugs too! i will see you when I get home.


So my owner does not love his job but is thankful for it. I wonder how many humans feel the same way? Maybe you don’t love your job. If that is the case remember to be thankful for what you have. Sure… many people don’t love their jobs but jobs do allow many people to bring in money to do things in life. I am thankful for my each of my older owners who both work and provide me with a super awesome home, food, and cat toys.



A Cat’s Christmas Story

Have you have watched the movie called A Christmas Story?  I have and I think it is awesome. One of my owners loved a particular lamp so much it was purchased for the home. Now I usually sit under the Christmas tree to take cover from the little humans in the home. Last nite I was feeling brave. I decided to sit under the leg lamp – for a few minutes. It was nice until I was picked up and moved to another room by a little human. Eventually, I got away and when the little ones went to bed I sat on the lap of the older human for a bit. Now I am not much of a lap cat, but I love to be near my humans.


I like the leg lamp. What do you think? Would you get this light for your home? “A Christmas Story” is a fun movie especially this time of year. You can find out more about this funny movie here.

You know I always want my readers to smile. I hope you are today! Take some time to go through some of my previous posts! Also consider subscribing to my blog. It is really my desire to make humans smile and feel good.

With Love,


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