Bose Headphones Review

Hi all you silly people! How are you doing today? Yesterday it was very foggy where I live. Today the sun is out! That makes me happy. How about you? I already saw a squirrel in the back yard too. Today is going to be a great day.

With that said, I hope to bring the humans out there some information about a product my owners like. Check out my product review below.

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The product for today is the Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. We are talking noise-cancelling with Alexa voice control headphones. One of the reasons my owner loves this product is because each of them can literally tune out the kids! But there are many reasons to consider purchasing this product.

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  • Wireless is better than wired
  • Listening to audio books or music is more enjoyable
  • Watch your stories on the go 🙂
Hi! Have a great day!!

In summary, these headphones allow a human to pair to various devices via Bluetooth. Also Alexa – our virtual friend is built in so if a human wants to utilize this function it is there. My owners would especially recommend this product to anyone who has an Apple product like an iPhone or iPad. For more information you can click on the today’s pictures.

Happy Monday!

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cat litter
Happy Monday! My owners went back to work and school today. I am just at home by myself. I thought I would do a review on the a few products for you.

Have you every had a smelly litter box? I know I have and I know most humans do not like it at all. It is not a pleasant thing is it? The product above will help your humans out. Now for the cats out there I must say it is nice to go to a potty that doesn’t smell bad. In addition I like this product because it has bigger granules and well things clump better. That allows me to make and bury clumps quickly and move on about my day – you know I have a things to do! So check out the product and let me know what you think.

cat litter box
cat litter box

Now along with this litter I really like the electronic kitty potty. I can step in and do my business and it automatically takes the clumps I bury and moves them into a box with a bag that collects the waste after I leave. My owner says it is great because humans don’t have to scope out the clumps- they just have to replace the bags of waste every few days. Also he says it is much cleaner and with the proper litter eliminates nearly all undesirable odors.

Overall both of these product are awesome. If you hover over the pictures you can get more information! Well that is all for today. I hope you have a great day and remember life is short – smile, be a friend to someone, and always remember you are loved 🙂


Clickbank University

Hi Gang, as a cat I tend to have some extra time on my paws. My owner has expressed interest in affialiate marketing. Basically my goal is to understand what affiliate marketing means and why it is becoming so important in a digital economy.

As I am learning people are making lots of money online. The way they do this by promoting products online and the company selling the products you promote give you a commission. Sometimes a very large commission. Now this is not a “get rich” scheme. It takes research, learning, commitment, and a little luck. Here is a way I have found to learn about affiliate marketing with a company call Clickbank. The company below will offer training on how to make money online. Is this for everyone? Not at all. Is this for a person that has an entrepreneurial spirit or feels stuck in a dead-end job – most likely. So check out the link below!

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“ClickBank University does not own or operate this website and is not responsible for its contents. It is owned by me – Olive – well his owner, an independent marketing affiliate.”

Thanks for supporting me!


Hope you had a great Saturday!

Hi there! As I am trying out blogging I am learning new things. First it is hard to get people to read things from a cat. Second, it can be time consuming and take away from my favorite past times such as looking for bugs in the basement, or looking out the window at birds, and of course cat naps. However, my goal is to bring smiles to people around the world and I want you to understand that no matter who you are that you are loved. I am just a cat, but my owner reassures me that God loves everyone. Check out this LINK. How awesome is that! So friends, I want to encourage you that no matter what you are facing you don’t have to go at life alone. Leave a comment or email address and I will respond to you!

It’s Friday!!!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!

How are you today? I am great.  Thanks for asking. Where I am at the sun is shining and though it is not as warm as I would like it is still nice outside. That makes me happy.  This morning I got my owner up and asked him to feed me. He did and I will say what he prepared was mighty delicious. After eating I reluctantly let my owners pet me. Then I was a bit more relaxed just before they went on their way to school and work. You know humans bring me so much joy.  Though at times the little ones can pick me up and move me around.  I don’t particularly care for that – especially when I am napping.  Well, I thought I would post some selfies from this morning.  Leave a comment if you like.  

Whatever you do remember to smile! 🙂

Love, Olive the cat

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I am a big fan of the cat seat below!

Silly Cats

Hi Gang! I hope you are having a fantastic day! One of my favorite things to go is to watch other cats. Sometimes I just want to smile and laugh. How about you? Take a look at this video – I hope it makes you smile!



My owner wanted me to earn my keep. I thought what in the world?? I am the cutest cat ever! 🙂 However I did have some time to kill today so I thought I would do a review of the new home Wi-Fi system my owner purchased.

It is the Google Nest Wi-fi system he and his family picked up at Costco last Saturday. Now when he set this up with his 10 year old son I was bracing for some yelling and potential cursing. But that never happened. The owner seemed to be very calm during this installation. That is a win in my book!


This is a very nice product! It has a sleek design and after talking to my owner he said it was easy to setup. Now as a cat I am not that technical however I know if it only took my owner about 20 minutes to setup that is good thing. I have noticed that the Google Assistant is built into the what they call points (access points really) – basically these all look alike and you can say “hey google” and ask a question or tell google to do a task like play a song or tell you about the weather. But their main job is to provide the best Wi-Fi coverage for your home.


  • Easy setup
  • Amazing coverage using 802.11s mesh Wi-Fi – this just means it blankets your home with coverage
  • Automatic 802.11.k/v client roaming – just means you are connected to the closest point for the fastest service
  • Super awesome performance – many devices can connect at once (up to 100) and it supports 4K video streams
  • There are some other security features like WPA3 – newer encryption to keep your data secure
  • Wi-FI can be scheduled or even paused. This helps the kids to go to bed in our home
  • Content can be filtered to block offensive sites
  • Guest Wi-Fi is easy to setup and offer to people who visit


  • If you have a bigger home you may need to purchase another point
  • Not Wi-Fi 6

Overall, I would really recommend this product as it is super simple to setup, has amazing coverage, great features and is competitively priced. Plus it is a great looking product. So consider getting a system for yourself or your family.


Well, today I want to say thank you to all the Veterans out there! Thank you to all of you and especially to all that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our great country.