Cat talks merchandise


Hi Everyone.  How have you been?  I am great.  Today I want to talk to you about my storefronts.  My owner is trying to sell some merchandise online to support the blog. We had a chat and decided to go with selling on  Most of the products offered are t-shirts.  However, there are other things that are offered like mugs, stickers, and tote bags.

My owner wants to target a few group of humans. 

  • Women and kids
  • Teachers
  • People who love animals
  • People who like fun things

I setup two storefronts with Teespring.  Click on the links to visit each store.

Teespring is a website that allows a person to create products free of charge.  Teespring is a turnkey solution and alternative to other sites like Amazon.  To do the type of selling like Teespring offers is much more challenging on Amazon.  Amazon requires a very lengthy approval process.  I have decided to start offering merchandise and perhaps in the future expand to other online merchandise selling platforms. 

A special request: Would you consider one of the following?

  • Visiting both storefronts
  • Sharing the links on your blogs, or social media accounts
  • Purchase an item from one of the stores
  • Sharing the storefront links with family and friends

In addition, if you want, I can create various products for you.  I have found the best t-shirts and merchandise is from what is called “vector images”.  Basically, I purchase rights to use images from a website called  There are over 300,000 free images and a few ways to purchase premium images. If you would like for me to create a product for you please subscribe and comment. We can then find a way to connect and I can go over options with you.

With my blog I want to encourage humans and people smile.  I also want to reach humans globally.  To make this a reality I need to fund the site.  The two main income streams to fund the site are:

  • Sales from my Teespring storefronts
  • Ad revenue from Amazon ads that appear on my blog

With that said I am trying to reach people through various social media sites such as my Facebook page, my twitter page, and my Facebook Group.  One of the coolest things I have seen with my blog is just how many people around the world love their pets.  In my case cats.  People really love all kinds of pets.  I have made some great friends from all over the world and that makes me happy!

I would love for you to connect with my on these social media platforms.

Enjoy your day and thank you very much for reading my blog!


Cat asks a question

Do you ever get down or sad? It happens to most humans periodically. There are many things that can discourage people. It could be a relationship, a coworker, a difficult family situation, a job, health issues, money problems, or loneliness. This list could go on and on. Yes… humans have many problems because that is just life. I want to encourage you to make a daily choice to be happy despite your problems and circumstances.

One of the many issues in our society is that people often fall into the trap of valuing things over other people. Additionally, our society tends to put a premium on self focus. How sad. Have you ever thought or been tempted to think the following:

  • If I had more money
  • If I had a better job
  • If my job were more important
  • If I looked better physically
  • If I was younger or older
  • If I were not so shy
  • If I had more friends
  • If I ….

Stop! This kind of thinking is not helping you. You are a child of God and He has a plan for you. I want to encourage you to think about happiness in a different manner. What would it look like if you thought of happiness as a choice?

It is easy to wake up each day and focus on all of your problems. It may be your routine. Please do not misunderstand… I am not saying to ignore your problems. I am saying to not let the stress of these problems define you as a person. OK?

So how you can you be happy more consistently? The answer is to make a simple choice to live life with thankfulness, gratitude, and to server others. This is not easy. Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Spend time with positive people
  • Build other people up
  • Write down your hopes and dreams
  • Set goals and dream
  • Help others – volunteer your time
  • Listen to others
  • Exercise
  • Discover a hobby
  • Forgive
  • Ask for help
  • Pray and have quiet time daily
  • Listen to encouraging music or read encouraging books
  • Strive for excellence – not perfection
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Eat healthier
  • Go for a walk and allow yourself to enjoy nature
  • Understand life is a journey and will never go according to your plan
  • Smile at a stranger and start a conversation when appropriate
  • Hold the door for someone

What do you think? Can you make a choice to be happy? I believe if you make some simple changes for a few weeks you will notice your attitude will change. You will have more peace. Stress, problems, and all sorts of challenges will still be happen.

As time goes by these problems will not be define you. In fact you get to define your happiness. So take positive steps. Get started by making small changes and as time goes on you will be amazed how much better you feel.



Cat recognizes importance of being thankful.

Hi everyone. I hope you are doing great today. Now that Christmas season is officially over my owner put away the decorations this weekend including the Christmas tree. I was kind of sad to see the decorations go.

I was very comfortable under the tree this year. It was a nice place to check out the action and also have some cover from the kids when necessary. It was fun when reached up to play with varoius ornaments. It was a nice place to sleep. Now the tree has been put away.

So my last month routine and comfort with the Christmas tree is gone. Honestly, I don’t like changing my routine or change in general. How about you? However… I am realizing just as the weather has seasons so does life. These seasons of life have various ebbs and flows.

Now that the tree is put away, I have to change my routine. I will have to work to find another place to hide and rest. I could choose to be mad or even allow sadness to control me. I really liked that Christmas tree! But as I mentioned earlier there are seasons in life. I am making a choice to accept this change.

I am choosing what I can control (like my attitude) and trusting God to provide for me. I have thought about this and have a few plans. I have one plan I like the most! I have been thinking about going back upstairs to hang out a lot lately. I know the area. I have experience there. Upstairs is a giant panda about 6 feet tall. It is a stuffed animal. One of the little humans got this panda for her birthday last fall. I will check that out as a resting place. This is much different from the cover of the Christmas tree but it will be a cool adventure to see what this will be like. So wish me luck!

This year I want to encourage you to choose to have an good attitude as you face challenges and changes. I realize you may have many struggles but also remember there is always hope. As long as you are alive you can choose to have an attitude of thankfulness. Now this is not easy, but life is not easy. Try making a choice to live life with gratitude and thankfulness for 1 week. See what happens!

To get started mediate on things such as love, joy, peace, gentleness, patience, kindness, and faithfulness. Then as you go about your week, recognize when one of these blessings happen. I think you will see a pattern of blessings in your life. As you recognize the blessings just tell God thanks! He loves to hear from you! This will develop a habit of thankfulness and I promise you will have more peace.

I will finish up today with a video. Something as simple as receiving some pets from my owner makes my happy. I love my humans and I know they love me.

I hope that brings you a smile and confidence that no matter what changes in your life you can be sure you are loved and you have an important purpose.


Don’t for get to check out my new merchandise! Here are a few examples:

Thoughts on Cat Adoption

I know many of you who read my blog already have a cat. Maybe you have had a cat in the past or a pet that you have lost. I wanted to talk to you today about adopting a cat. My humans adopted me when I was a young kitten. I am so happy they did. I am not purrfect, but I know my humans love me and I love them.

Sure, I require my owners to have some extra responsibilities and they need to spend extra money for me, but I think it is a win/win for many reasons like the following:

  • I make humans happy
  • I can lower your stress with my purring or just being near you
  • I am a great friend
  • I can catch things like bugs or a mouse

Would you consider visiting a local animal shelter in 2020? Many places in the United States where I live have a website where you can see animals up for adoption. You can see these animals from your phone or computer. That is so easy so no excuses!

If you have an interest in one of the animals up for adoption go ahead and call the shelter. Let someone know of your interest or just stop by the shelter and ask to see the animals up for adoption.

My owners got me for $60 at shelter like this one when I was a kitten. I was in a cage next to many other kittens and older cats. I know many animals were scared and uncomfortable. All of the animals were there because they were lost or unwanted.

There were many dogs in another part of the shelter. Many of the doggies had been picked up as they lost so they were brought to the shelter. Though shelters can be a sad place… shelters are also a place for hope. So many animals do get adopted each year and that is very encouraging.

I have a challenge for you. If you don’t have a pet and are considering one, think about a getting a pet from a shelter nearby you. You can save a life and have a wonderful friend too!

PS, you don’t have to adopt a cat, you can adopt a dog or any animal the local shelter may have.

With Love,


Cat recommends Amazon products (to keep blog going) :-(

Hi Everyone. How have you been? I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I had a great Christmas. I got to play in some of the wrapping paper and some of the trash. Here I am playing with a box and wrapping paper. I was happy to be around my humans also. 🙂 Oh I almost forgot, I have a new cat friend. His name is Moses. If you are on a computer you can see him just to the right of the screen. If you are on a mobile device like a phone he may appear wayyyyyyy at the bottom under the heading “OLIVE’S FRIENDS!” I have a few friends who have passed along pictures of their cats so please send them to me!

This was awesome!

Gang… Can I be real for a minute? I am struggling right now to keep the blog going. I don’t know how long I can keep going if I can’t pay the bills. If I don’t get support from readers, I will be able to continue my blog.

It takes some money to get the blog up and running and to get the word out. I have tried to reach people via Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter, Facebook pages and a Facebook group. Unfortunately, I seem to only get around 20 views per post. I am very encouraged that I have have readers from over 25 countries in the world. I think that is amazing.

So I am a bit discouraged. I am not sure if I don’t appeal to people or if my message just does not resonate. Whatever the case, I am my costs are mounting and soon I may have to stop. Right now I am appealing to you!

Would you be willing to do the following?

I know a lot of you shop online. I am not asking you to click on the Amazon links but if you are curious take a peak! To support my page I have chosen to promote Amazon products. When a reader clicks on the Amazon link and purchases something I get a small commission.

To be clear – you do not have to purchase what is on the link, however if you choose to click on the Amazon ad and then decide to purchase any random thing I would get a small commission. This works out to pennies on the dollar and keeps the blog going. So I really need your help! If you are going to shop on Amazon anyway and you like the blog, consider my Amazon ads, then do your purchases. This will keep the blog alive!

My mission with this blog is to make humans smile. I want to share joy with people around the world. I don’t know about you, but I think the world can be very negative. I want people to see something positive even if it is just for a few minutes while you read a post. I want people to realize they are loved and appreciated. I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for considering supporting me!

Love Olive

Cat gives Christmas advice

Hi Gang! Today I wanted cover two topics.  First, I wanted to start with a video I found on the Internet.  Second, I want to cover something that is hard for many people this time of year. With that said, check out this cool video and then come back to read the rest of this post.

What did you think of the video? I love how there are so many creative ideas for problems. Speaking of problems did you know that many people struggle this time of year? It is sad because most people wonderful memories of a Christmas that was wonderful or even magical at some point in their lives. However, people can struggle with Christmas or the holidays for a number of reasons. Here are just a few examples:

  • Loss – perhaps the loss of a loved one, dear friend, or even a job
  • Being lonely or just sad
  • Sickness
  • Some type of financial difficulty
  • Stress, Anxiety, Worry, Anger
  • The list goes on and on

All humans struggle on some level. Holidays can trigger discouragement for many people. I have a challenge for you. Would you consider encouraging another person? When you go about your normal day, think about one person in your life who you think could be struggling. Take action by demonstrating genuine interest in that person. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Start a conversation with someone asking a few questions and listen intently
  • Let this person know you care them
  • Ask this person how you can help
  • Tell this person something that makes you admire them. Be specific
  • Give encouraging words verbally and on paper – a card is nice 🙂
  • Spend time with this person. Spending time with someone can really help someone

If you are struggling this holiday season know that you are loved. You have a purpose. Despite painful circumstances… you are alive and you do have hope. Feelings are just feelings, but here is an unchanging truth. God loves you more than you can fathom. He created you for a purpose and you can talk to Him anytime you want. You see Christmas is about God loving you the greatest gift in human history: Himself. He made a path to for us to be with Him thru his Son Jesus if we just believe. Consider the following.

If you have any questions or concerns sent me a comment!

So if you know of someone who is struggling this holiday season or if you are hurting know many people want to help you. God loves you and so do I.


Cat urges humans to slow down!

Today I wanted to post a few funny pictures I found on the Internet. The pictures are not mine but have a watermark pointing to the owner. I thought they would make you smile.

so true!
I would never do this! 🙂

How have you been lately? I have been busy. Between my various cat naps and night patrols, I have a lot going on. Sometimes it can be tough being a cat.

Some of my other responsibilities include:

  • Wake up humans in the morning to make sure they get to school or work
  • Insure my humans know I am feed by lingering around them at feeding times
  • Obviously, I have to be cute and ready for pets and cuddles at a moments notice
  • I have to catch bugs, it is slow this time of year though…
  • Sometimes I have to poof my tail and do archy back
  • At least once a day I have to be completely still then bam! – run super fast into another part of the house

You can see I have a lot going on. How about you? Do you have a busy life? I imagine most humans are really busy. They go to school/work. When not doing those things they are likely cooking, cleaning, doing laundry or taking out the trash. When chores are done maybe they go outside and shovel snow or clean the car. The bigger humans seem to take the smaller humans to places like ninja or soccer. Sometimes they take them to a park or to a friends house for a play date. It is no wonder why so many humans are tired. They are super busy!

We are less than a week away from Christmas and humans are busy going to stores and purchasing gifts for family and friends. Some humans don’t like these busy stores so they purchase gifts from Amazon. I think Amazon is awesome because they bring lots of boxes. Boxes are cool because I get to sit in them.

So here is some unsolicited advice from me! Take time to slow down. Slowing down can mean anything from sitting and thinking about all the things you have been given. It could mean saying no to someone who is asking for more of your time. Or maybe consider praying and mediating with God. Trust me this slowing down will help you! It may be hard to do, but try for 5 minutes and see how it goes!

Remember you are loved, have a great day!


Cat makes friends from all over the world

Hi!  I have been blogging for close to a month so this is very new to me.  I am learning how to blog.  I started with an idea that I was just a simple cat in Indiana but I thought many humans loved cats.  I thought about this and consulted with my owner and we talked about how I could make people laugh or smile around the world.  We settled on a blog. 

Neither of us had any idea how to create a blog.  My owner researched and researched.  After weeks of researching he proposed to me  a site called  Guys…  lets face it.  I am cat.  I am not a professional blogger so I told my human – sure that sounds great.  What took you so long to get this figured out? JK.  

Anyway allows me to host my webpage and domain name.  That is just a fancy way humans can get to the blog.  Additionally, is how I create my posts.  Now as you can imagine it is hard to type on a keyboard with my paws.  However, I have learned how to type.  Actually, I can’t type silly.  I am a cat – however I have my owner type for me!  So if you are thinking about how writing your own blog I would highly recommend 

Now I wanted to take some time today to let you know I am making new friends.  This is so exciting.  It is really neat to see humans come together when they have something in common.  In this case we like pets.  I wanted to share a few things with you that make me super happy. 

I have a FACEBOOK PAGE personal page.  I reached the maximum of 5,000 friends but you can still follow/like my page.

I also have a FACEBOOK fan page.  I would love it if you could like/follow this page!

My site allows me to see where visitors are located in the world.  I can not see who the identity of visitors are unless they tell me in a comment.  As an example if you wrote a comment on a blog page and said you were “Bobby in the paint-shop from Indiana”  I would literally know you are “Bobby in the paint-shop from Indiana”.  lol

Now I don’t have very many visitors so far but it has only been a month.  So far I have had 233 unique visitors from 19 countries around the world!  I thought I would list the countries where people have seen this blog to date:

  1. USA
  2. Peru
  3. Turkey
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Serbia
  6. Iraq
  7. India
  8. Philippines
  9. Uganda
  10. France
  11. Germany
  12. Spain
  13. Ireland
  14. Italy
  15. Canada
  16. Poland
  17. Argentina
  18. Namibia
  19. United Kingdom

How cool is that!!!!  I think it is amazing to see people from all over the world can see my message.  I am excited to see how much we can grow.  I would love to reach millions of people all over the world.  

My mission is to make people happy and smile.  Maybe I am just a silly cat, but I think I can do it.  There are many people in the world that love cats and animals in general.  We all know this world can be very tough and discouraging.  We also know that our world needs more positivity.  The news (at least in the USA) and I suspect in many nations would have us believe people don’t like each other.  To me that is such a shame.  I think most humans in the world have similar values and love for each other.  Of course humans have many different cultures however I think most people have more things in common than they think.  A few examples come to mind.  

  • Love for family and friends
  • Wanting was is best for their children
  • Making a difference or a sense of purpose
  • Belonging 
  • on and on it goes

For me to fulfill my mission of making people happy and smile I need your help.

  • Would you tell others about my blog? 
  • Would you subscribe so each new blog post shows up in your email? 
  • Would you be willing to comment on my blog from time to time? 

Comments are awesome because we can interact.  But, others can read these comments and find things that bring us together.  So yes I am just a cat but together I think we can make this world a better place.  What do you think?

Finally, to keep this blog going I really need support.  The main way to support me is by reading and sharing.  Another way to support this blog is to check out the ads.  You may say well I don’t like that ad or need that item being advertised.  That is OK!  I know many of you shop Amazon.

Clicking on those Amazon links still helps out.  I am so thankful for those of you that have done this.  I also have  merchandise store.    Consider shopping for gifts for others or yourself.  If you like you can send me a message and I can personalize a T-shirt, mug, or many other items for you.  Thank you so much for your help.  Have a wonderful day!



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