A Cat’s Christmas Story

Have you have watched the movie called A Christmas Story?  I have and I think it is awesome. One of my owners loved a particular lamp so much it was purchased for the home. Now I usually sit under the Christmas tree to take cover from the little humans in the home. Last nite I was feeling brave. I decided to sit under the leg lamp – for a few minutes. It was nice until I was picked up and moved to another room by a little human. Eventually, I got away and when the little ones went to bed I sat on the lap of the older human for a bit. Now I am not much of a lap cat, but I love to be near my humans.


I like the leg lamp. What do you think? Would you get this light for your home? “A Christmas Story” is a fun movie especially this time of year. You can find out more about this funny movie here.

You know I always want my readers to smile. I hope you are today! Take some time to go through some of my previous posts! Also consider subscribing to my blog. It is really my desire to make humans smile and feel good.

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Cats make us smile!

Do you laugh and smile enough?  Is there such a thing as having too much laughter in life?  Sadly, many humans don’t laugh very often.  Heck some humans rarely even smile.  My blog is all encouraging humans to be thankful, smile, and laugh.  A few years ago I came across a brilliant guy who has a wonderful website.  He posts many videos online and I wanted to share one today.  I hope this video makes you smile!

What did you think?  I like Prince Michael because he is a silly cat.  I would love to meet him one day.  My favorite part of the video is when he gets into the soccer game and is the goalie.  I think he has some work to do!


Well Gang, I need to get going. I hope you have a wonderful day. I also want to thank all the readers from all around the world who have visited my blog. I am so thankful. Enjoy your day and remember the world (if it is flat or round) needs more laughter. So lighten up, try not to take things to serious, and do your best to be happy!



Have you ever been discouraged?  Have you ever thought why am I discouraged?  I think all humans get discouraged.  Heck as a cat I do.  For me discouragement looks very different from humans.  I get frustrated when I can’t capture a bug, or a smaller human in my family pulls my tail.  I have heard my humans talk about how they get discouraged.  Discouragement can appear in many forms.

  • Loss
  • Difficulty
  • Frustration
  • Negativity
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • & the list goes on and on

I want my readers to understand that unfortunately this is the world we live in.  It does not mean humans have to live in a state of perpetual discouragement.  People can make choices to be encouragers despite their circumstances.  Practically speaking things like the following almost always help humans.

  • Serving others
  • Talk to a trusted friend
  • Learn to say ‘no’ to unnecessary requests from others
  • Take time to meditate or pray
  • Get moving

Have you ever heard of a sine wave?  For our purposes I want you to see that sine waves go up and down just like your life will have ups and downs.  Sometimes it may seem like we don’t have very many ups and we may even have deeper downs or many more than others.



Maybe you have bought into the image portrayed in the media of the rich and beautiful who seem to have it all.  Even the rich, famous, and beautiful have ups and downs.  Now that you understand this is a natural part of life you need to understand circumstances that bring you down do not have to define you.  Sadly, many people live most of their lives in the bottom part of the sine wave shown above and just believe the lie this is how things are for me.  Friends this is not true!

You may be tempted to think I am at a low point in my personal life or job and then be discouraged.  Being discouraged would be natural, however I would argue you don’t have to live in discouragement.  You can change your thoughts about your situation and live with gratitude.  This will not be easy.  However you can make a choice to be thankful that you are alive and understand you have a purpose and have been fearfully and wonderfully made for a purpose in this life.

Along with that truth, you are loved!  Despite how you may feel you are loved by God.  I love you and likely many others love you.  Life is not easy for humans.  However, humans have the ability to do extraordinary things and well that is just awesome!  So if you are discouraged hang in there.  Find resources that can help you.  Your journey starts with a smile and well maybe a pet like me.  🙂  So hang in there!  Also if you sense another human is discourage – do something to help that person!!


With Love,




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